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Our Story

One of Two was founded in 2020 by two sisters, Cheryll Bute and Demi Bute, who had the desire to create subtle yet timeless St. Maarten/St. Martin jewelry that could be worn for all occasions. The purpose of the jewelry pieces is to allow anyone wearing them to feel connected to the beautiful island of St.Maarten/St.Martin, wherever they might be in the world. Our first collection; the Concord Collection consists of 3 high-quality pieces: the anklet, the bracelet, and the choker. 


Our Brand 

St.Maarten/St.Martin and all its beauty has been our core inspiration for branding and design. Instead of using the blues and yellows that depict the sun, sand, and beaches, we chose to be inspired by the roughness and authenticity of the island. This includes luscious greenery, dirt roads, and neutral tones. Our main branding colors are therefore terracotta, forest green, and neutral sand.


Our brand must support locals, and locals must be able to identify with our brand. It's a local thing! Our packaging, marketing, and graphic design are 99% done by locals. Besides this, we try our best to adopt sustainable practices whereby using materials that have either been recycled, or be disposed of in a non-toxic way.


For example, our wooden display is made by Waste2Work, which is a woodshop on the island that recycles used wood and creates beautiful pieces such as our display.

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